Chameleon Entertainment serves in just about every area of entertainment. Our goal is to deliver new and innovative approaches to inspire, entertain and engage a new generation. From start to finish, Chameleon Entertainment will be your partner in developing, implementing or promoting an event designed to exceed expectations!

Event  Planning & Promotion

Whether large or small, Chameleon Entertainment wants to make your event a successful one. How do we define success; entertainment that captures the experience, provides positive change and reaches the people. We specialize in events for school systems, colleges and universities, faith based groups and community organizations. Chameleon Entertainment offers many means of marketing and promotional plans to assist you in delivering awareness and drawing in your target audience. Our experience with a broad range of events and clients makes us an ideal choice.

Youth Educational Programs

Having worked with many non-profit organizations, we’ve assisted these businesses in reaching measurable goals through community events, concerts, fashion shows and the like. Chameleon Entertainment puts its many resources and relationships to work to the benefit of great causes and community initiatives. These directives and the people they serve are closest to our heart and are a major part of the foundation of principles we rest on. Most recently we’ve locked arms with InEducation, a one-stop education resource solution for families, businesses and community organizations.  Their work emphasises the importance of continued education on all levels, teaching youth and young adults the skills necessary for success regardless the industry.  In addition,  we focus resources on fundraising and program promotion via sponsored events, talent bookings and motivational speakers. If you are a non-profit organization in need of our services, contact us today for more information.

Talent Bookings

Local and National talent drive crowds and increase numbers. Chameleon Entertainment prides itself in making and maintaining relationships with many artists in the entertainment industry. Serving as booking agent makes us a great resource with access to these artists for your events. Our listing of associates grows with each contact we make, all of whom share the same passion and drive for providing enriching performances and transforming the entertainment experience.  Contact Us to find out more about these artists or to schedule a booking.  Should you be an artist interested in being added to our roster, feel free to provide your contact information with a brief bio. 

Motivational Speaking

The youth and Young Adults of all ages find life difficult at times and easily miss opportunities for personal growth through life challenges. They sometimes see their circumstances as uncertain and lack confidence in themselves. Often, the key to great turning points can be encouragement and the provision of a motivational atmosphere. With a true passion for helping young people discover their true potential and turning on the power within, Chameleon Entertainment actively involves itself with speaking engagements and team building events. We wish to inspire, uplift and drive young people to make the change within that in turn makes a change to the lives of those they touch. We are available for groups of all sizes for community, educational and professional organizations. Contact us today for booking information.  If you are a speaker looking to be added to our roster, please e-mail us your contact information along with a bio.

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